Whirlwind of a week…

…and it is only Wednesday.

Both of my daughters are autistic. Honestly, they are both doing amazing. They have already far exceeded the expectations that any doctor has given them. We set goals, they meet them. We set more.

Okay, so enough of me tooting on my kids’ horns. Right now we are experiencing what is known as “extinction burst.” For those of you familiar with ABA therapy, you know what I’m talking about. For everyone else, this is the idea where a child’s negative behavior becomes worse and worse before the negative behavior resolves itself.  Well, Ms. Danni Girl has really been digging in her heel lately.  She doesn’t want to give up.


Well  I have news for her,  she can’t win.  I refuse to just step aside and allow her to grow up and become another self-centered, self-entitled, next-generation me-me-me-me, with autism to boot.  Not my child.  If I give in, she will remember.  And next time, it won’t be a week of behaviors, it will be two, or worse, a whole summer.  I will not give in.  I owe it to her to do right by her.

Remind me again, why I am not just giving in?  he-he  :/


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