Natural Earache Remedy

So, anyone who knows me, knows that I am as natural as can be, or getting there anyways.  This week the girls and I came down with a summer cold.  A bad one.  The neighbor was talking about how he and the kids had gotten a couple summer colds, and I just had to open up my dumb mouth and spout off about how we haven’t been sick all summer.  Went on and on about our natural ways.

God visited me the next morning with a dose of humility in the form of a nasty summer cold, same week as harvest no less.  I just love God’s humor, don’t you?  Anyways.  The girl’s and I had an earache on Thursday.  Like a bad one.  Not just bad, but thunder exploding out of our eardrums bad.  And I don’t do doctors unless I have to.  So after some contemplation, I decided this wasn’t a “have to” moment.

Knowing what I know about the body, the pain in our ears was due to something causing the Eustachian tubes becoming inflamed.  When this happens it keeps the air pressure from behind the eardrums from normalizing with the air pressure outside the eardrums.  That’s the “popping” noise you feel when you plug your nose and blow out.  There are a couple different ways that I used over the next couple of days to relieve the inflammation and pain in our ears.



The first thing I did was cut a couple slices of onions and put it in a glass container with a few drops of filtered water and microwave for 20 seconds.  This extracted the onion juice. (Likewise, you could steam a whole onion in its skin to keep the juices inside and extract the juice that way, but I already had an onion halfway sliced).  Then I took a medicine dropper and took some of the milky looking liquid and just let it sit in the dropper until it cooled.  This liquid is hot, and needs to cool before dropping into the ear canal.  the best way to test, is to drop onto you wrist.  I dropped it into my daughters ear and let it sit for 90 seconds.  Proceeding to do lymphatic massage to stimulate drainage (see below). I then repeated on the other ear. This relieved my daughters’ pain in a matter of about 2 minutes.

That evening, and the following two days I followed the next protocol…



I chopped one clove of garlic and placed it in a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.  I heated that for one minute in the microwave.  After allowing it to cool, I then used a medicine dropper to extract some olive oil  only, and after testing it on my wrist, I put it in both my daughters ear canals.  I then performed lymphatic massage techniques.  I did this for two minutes on each side.  After doing this on each side I proceeded to the next step…

I mixed 1 teaspoon 500 parts colloidal silver with 5 drops each 100% pure lavender and 100% pure tea tree essential oil (for therapeutic uses not perfume or potpourri uses), and repeated the garlic step above.  If you don’t have colloidal silver around the house, you can just add the essential oils to the olive oil/garlic after it has been heated.

I have also heard of taking a garlic clove and wearing it like a hearing aide, as this will help with the healing processes.  We didn’t need any additional help, however, in an extreme earache that might be beneficial, so I hope by sharing this additional tidbit of information, that it might help some of you.

By the way, My daughters thought that it was totally awesome that mommy was putting food in their ears.  Just thought I would share that. Hahaha

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Make sure to use gentle pressure and repeat five times. Place two fingers or a thumb in the indentation just under your ear behind your jawbone.  Gently massage run your two fingers in a straight line downward from this point.  The lumps your fingers likely will feel are your lymph nodes.


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