I’m a wreck

Actually, not really. Husband is fine. His car is not.  He Totalled his beloved hooptie, Ruby, yesterday. Ruby, belovedly names by our children. A teal car by he way. The humor may have been lost on our kids, but not us. We loved Ruby. She has served us many years. And would have continued to serve us for many years to come…
..Except the sun. Anyone know what Insurance company the sun uses? Unfortunately, the sun blinded my my husband. And by he time the SUV eclipsed the sun, Husband was making contact. Everyone was fine, but Ruby had to be towed away. 😦
I would love to give a shout out to Geico Military at this time. They have made the claim process so easy, and we will have a check in hand by tonight. I wish I could say things went as smoothly with the tow company,  but unfortunately I had to get in their face twice, once in person, which I don’t like to do. 
There is absolutely no reason to treat people the way they treated me. When people are post-accident, they need compassion and understanding, especially from one of only four tow companies allowed to service on-base military personnel. We are moving in less than a week, and these people seemed to be reveling in the power they held over me.  Well, here is a news flash, they messed with the wrong gal.
Well, I don’t have to deal with them any longer, I just wish some people weren’t like that. Thankfully our insurance is great.
Thank you Geico for always being so awesome to us. After all these years, and growth to a national company, you still take care of your military and federal families. 


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