I live a wild life. Some may call it alchemy and excommunicated me. But I never wanted to be apart of those circles anyway. I have an essential oil or herb/spice for everything under the sun. And I have dreadlocks down to my waste.

I basically just returned from a year on the road. Travelling. Granted I stuck around places a bit. But 4 states in a year, I’ll call that “on the road.” I live in a 5th wheel, and 2 of those months we literally slept in the back of the truck. It’s been awesome.

But one thing I really miss is fermenting on a large scale. Don’t get me wrong, we have still had our kombucha going, and had our water kefir most of the time. But it was never more than 9 bottles of water kefir brewing at a time, or more than a gallon of kombucha. And fermenting food has all but ceased to spawn.

Oh sure, there have been a few fermented food to pass between my teeth, and satiate my palate. But I miss fermenting tons of everything.

I love living in a 5th wheel. We have just enough space for what we need. We don’t collect needless  things. Yet we don’t want for anything. I finally have my composting toilet I have dreamed of for years. And I have more storage in this kitchen than I had in my last house.

I gave up a lot of stuff to live this life. But I only gave up one kitchen appliance. 

The problem is counter space. Even with the kitchen island I built, there just isn’t any room to dehydrate, and can, and ferment. I want a house again, just so that I can have a giant kitchen again. But a giant kitchen usually comes with a giant house.

And that’s what I’m NOT interested in. A year ago I had too much house. And I woke up one day and sold it (okay, so there was a little more involved, but not much) and hit the road. Actually the house didn’t sell for six months. It sold the week we were living out of a Walmart parkin lot in Colorado springs. But that’s another adventure. 

I guess my point is, I miss fermenting. I want a big kitchen. But a big house again seems like so much waste.

I could get an RV that’s half kitchen, but they only make those in one bedrooms, and I really need a room apart from the kids. I like a queen bed to myself. And honestly, I don’t even enjoy sharing sleeping space with my husband when he is in town. But I guess it works out because he is gone all the time anyways.

I guess for now this too will have to suffice. But soon, soon I will have to figure something else out.I need more counters, and a cellar.


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