Goodbye Nursing Bras


December first marked three years from when I quit breastfeeding. Yet the nursing bras just went into the trash.
A shout out to my wonderful sister in law for the gift card. 

I always put my self last, and she and her friend got me a gift card after I had a melt down in the halway the other night.

You see, I have had the same underwear for 10 years, thru 2 pregnancies. My socks have holes, and are literally  worn thru. I just keep telling myself I’ll buy bras next year, and then never do, because, well… these nursing bras will do.

I’ve had a rough week. And this was the type of love and compassion I needed someone to show me. It was a rough year. It’s been an amazingly long journey. And a story I hope to share soon. 2016 has been long and hard. 

Thank you Bethany and Lily for sending this year packing on a good note.

Peace and good riddance 2016!!!


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