Let me paint you a picture. 

We are in D.C. We are a group of twelve. Two strollers, an eight year old, a nine year old, two over fifty, and two with physical disibilities. The nine year old is wearing a leash on her belt because she has autism, and she has such bad anxiety she becomes a flight risk. She also becomes non verbal and pretends she is a cat.
This is my oldest daughter. I love her dearly , and this is her story.

So we are walking up to the Museum of American History on the Smithsonian campus. There are people all around. And there is a guy walking  up and down the walkway next to us selling water and Gatorade. We walk past a little girl feeding crumbs to birds, and my daughter, who has been acting like a cat for months, chasing birds, meowing, licking her paws …well, you get the idea, she reaches out and grabs a bird in one swipe. SERIOUSLY! 

And what’s more, to true cat form she turned to me and said “MOM, Look, I Got it. Mission accomplished!” I thought maybe it was dead or something, there was no way she caught a live bird. I told her to put it down. Especially since it was upside down with its head sideways. But when she let go, it flew away. IT JUST FLEW AWAY!

Seriously y’all, my nine year old autistic daughter caught a bird today in D.C. because she thinks she is a cat. And guess what? After today, I believe her, she has some mad ninja skills man. I mean… er …uh… cat reflexes!


2 thoughts on “Smithsonian

    1. The street vendor stopped shouting and just stood there in awe. He started laughing so hard. Even as he continued walking down the sidewalk he couldn’t contain himself. He couldn’t believe it. None of us could. And my daughter just stared jumping up and down shouting “Mission accomplished. Mission accomplished!” She has been trying all day today to catch another one.


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