Homeward Bound

We  are on our way home from D.C. today. We actually left last night. My in laws left yesterday morning, but the kids and I, my sister-in-law, and her housemate all stayed to tour the Holocaust Museum. 

Just getting out of D.C. last night was a nightmare because all our experience so far this week was headed north to the campground. Last night however, we were attempting to head east during commuter traffic, something we hadn’t tried, and GPS was failing us. The dumb thing kept recalculating, telling us to turn the wrong way down roads that were one ways, and on top of that, during certain times you can’t turn at most intersections because of heavy traffic patterns during rush hour. We persevered though, and we got out.

Anyway, we are done y’all. We are ready to be home. My kids got out of the truck and just left their toys on the ground. Even the toys are done! The horses just gave up and laid down right there on the pavement.

Shabbat Shalom. Have a happy rest. We will. We are almost to our beds!


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