Oh the questions…

I have mentioned in the past how I am a bit of an alchemist. download  This has a story behind it.  In 2010 I started to get really sick.  It started with heart symptoms, and just dissolved from there.  I collected a new symptom about every other month for about 3 years.  After that, The symptoms still came but the rate slowed from which they came.  For three years while we were in Denver I saw every specialist the Army sent me to, but I changed primary doctors every three to six months because the army brought in and changed out my primary manager that often because…, well…, the army sucks that’s just army life. After three years I was continuously told that nothing was wrong with me, that it was either all in my head, I was making it up for attention, or I was just tired because I had special needs kids, and my husband was a soldier.  The doctors with the latter opinion always handed me a sleeping pill prescription.

By 2013 I had moved to Indiana.   Shortly after moving to Indiana in 2013 I started losing my mobility.  By August of 2013, I was reduced to using a walker and was mostly bed ridden.  About that time I realized I was on 28 different medications.  I was on medication for the side effects of my medications.  I had no way to know where my actual symptoms ended and where the pills started.  I had been diagnosed with POTS, Fibromyalgia,  and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.  The Doctors were also screening for Chronic Lymes Disease and it wasn’t long before I was diagnosed Chiari Malformation I.  The sad thing was my journey with diagnostic tests and labs wasn’t even close to over.

Anyways, when I counted my 28 medications, I realized there had to be more (Or to be precisely accurate) there had to be “less” to life than all this medication.  So I began to research, and study.  I often joke that I have Ph.D. in Google Research.  When I set out to learn about something or to research the heck out of a subject, I don’t stop.  I did the same when Jordan when in the military, with each base we were stationed at,  When the girls were diagnosed with autism, with each diagnosis I was given, and so too with this.  But what was this?  I know what I wanted.  I wanted off the medication.  This was too much.  But how?  And what to replace it with, I was still sick.  My search led me to a healthier lifestyle with cleaner eating.  A new doctor found a myriad of food allergies that I started to avoid, and I removed the medication slowly, one at a time.  The Doctor then put me on a brand called Energetix Blends for some specific symptoms, with my 6 months of essential oils training, I was slowly starting my ascent out of the medication fog.  I also started daily meditation and yoga.  I was working on healing at the cellular level, rather than just treating symptoms.  That doctor also found that I had Hashimoto Disease and Celiac.

Today I have healed much, and am learning to embrace each day, and not take anything for granted.  I have so far to go still.  I have received two more diagnosis since then, gastroparesis and Chrons from my stomach all the way through my entire digestive tract.  Basically, my entire digestive tract has shut down and I am malnourished.  And this came after 3 years of gut healing, and 2 years of avoiding all allergies.  So that was a head scratcher, and the tip of the iceberg.  I went into a real depression for a couple months after that.  I felt like I had finally been defeated.  Like it was more than I could bear.  But no,  I stood up, dusted myself off, and put the will to live back on.  For my kids, for myself.  And for everyone else who someday might need whatever it is I am going to learn on this journey.

Obviously, there is so much more about medicine than what we know in the Western world.  So for the past year, I have been studying chakras and the healing benefits that the earth offers.  I believe the terms that faiths use are symantecal, and we have similar healings and beliefs in Judaism that we have lost over the centuries and millennium.  But I am returning to a simpler way.   Many call me a heretic and say I am going towards pagan ways, but these truths are found in the Torah and Talmud if one would just be so open as to look and not be so narrow-minded.  We just don’t use the terms chakra or crystals or Reiki.  These concepts have never been far from Judaism until recently though, even the first few centuries C.E. there were healers and teachers of the healing arts of the Zohar and mystical side of Judaism.  Somewhere it was lost.  Somewhere we forgot.  And now we turn to Eastern practices to find it, and as it is found I will try to find the symantics within Judaism and breathe life back into Judaic healing.  If only I could find someone who already knew what it was called, and the words in Judaism, and didn’t think I was crazy.  I hate forging new paths, especially if someone else has already done it.  But it’ll never stop me.  If I have to learn ancient Hebrew to get to the bottom of it all.  Okay, rant over…sorry….


I do not believe that I have 11 chronic diagnoses that are slowly killing me.  There has got to be an underlying cause.  I have said this from the beginning.  There has to be one thing that is throwing me all out of whack.  And I think that just it,  I’m all out of whack, in laymen terms.  I’m out of balance.  I’m out of alignment.  My chakras are blocked.  My body had been set off kilter.  Yet, G!d can make it right again, but He has given us this earth as a tool to use.  And I will not sit around waiting for Him to give me some kind of radical miracle when He has given me knowledge of another way.  Yes, I have prayed for miracles, and I keep getting sicker.  So, an instantaneous miracle is not in His plan for my life at this time.  I know that G!d can move mountains.  But I also know that sometimes He hands us a shovel and tells us to get to work.  I do believe that this is one of those times for me.  “Pray as if everything depends upon G!d, work as if everything depends on me.”  That is what we say, is it not?  Well, this is me working.

Nothing medically has ever been found that explains some of the symptoms that I have, such as my heart issues, which started this whole mess.  The doctors are still looking for answers.  And there is no common thread between more than just a couple of my diagnosis.  At least not with Western medicine.  Though Western medicine seems to tell me otherwise,   I do not believe that I will die before I get to meet my grandchildren, or even before my grandchildren are grown.  I can live a long and fulfilling life still.  Full of life and energy and health and healing.  I want to pass that healing on to others as well.  I have shared my learning of essential oils with so many others.  Call it my mission.  And as I learn about the gifts and vibrations that G!d has left for us on earth to heal our bodies naturally, I will share that as well.  G!d created it all.  It isn’t “of the devil” just because Eastern religions still practice and use crystals and yoga and meditation.  They were just smarter than us to not abandon it and go the way of progress.  Good for them.

So many people ask me where I get my essential oils, and I tell them about the different places I order from.  They are usually overwhelmed because I don’t order from one place.  Often they ask me to just set them up a starter pack.  However, I am just not in a place to do that right now.  Someday though, soon, I hope to start my own shop to promote holistic healing.

Until then, to answer the question for those of you who have asked, this is where I get my essential oils:

Organic Infusion – This is probably my favorite, but it is on the more expensive side

Mountain Rose Herbs – I am particularly fond of this distributor

Eden’s Garden – I love this one for Diffusing, their synergy blends are good as well.  I use there Aphrodisiac and Goodnight blends

Rocky Mountain Oils – I don’t ever use these internally.  But I like these for their quality.

If I am in a store and need to pick something up in a pinch, Wyndmere has a decent line, and they have a fairly large selection of organic options.

This is my favorite little wallet pouch to stick in my purse to take essential oils with me on the go.  Aroma tools have other little travel cases as well.  Check them out.

A note about doTerra and YoungLiving.  I personally think that YoungLiving and doTerra are very high-quality essential oils.  However, I will not buy them and I will not sell them.  I find them to be unethical companies with bad vibrations.  I know that people say otherwise, but every single one of them sells the product or buy the product and have been told otherwise from someone who does sell the products for the company.  Again, I want to make it clear that this has nothing to do with the product itself, it seems to be a high-quality product.  But I can not put my name, which is essentially my brand, behind a company I just can’t ethically support.  On top of that, they encourage people to use the oils in a manner that is unsafe.  To take the oils internally at a level that is unsafe.  It may not harm a person immediately, or even over a week or month, but the organs are being overworked to filter out the oils, and it is taking a toll on the body.  In the long run, it will do damage.  Whether taking internally, topically or giving to a child, proper dosage and diluting must ALWAYS be followed.  Yet these companies have the idea that because it is natural it cannot harm you.  It can hurt you.  This is medicine.  And just like overdosing on prescription drugs or even Tylenol can hurt you, so can essential oils.  It may not kill you today or tomorrow.  But it can do damage that may be irreparable years down the line.  So please be careful.  They do not train their sales reps, and more focus is placed on growing sales and making a profit than on knowing the product, especially for the long term.  To me, that is wrong.  I am in the healing business, not the money business.

With that being said, if you do use doTerra or YoungLiving, please do thorough research and learn about maximum safe dosage for internal consumption, do not trust either of their web pages on what is safe oils to me taken internally, and please do thorough research for diluting, if in doubt over-dilute.


*I am not associated with any of these companies and will not get any kickbacks from the companies.  I just have these products and have used these companies, and would like to share my experiences with all of you.  I am not a Doctor so please check with your doctor before you make any decision that may or may not affect your life.  Any and all opinions expressed or implied in this blog are solely mine and are just that, opinions.  I live my life in a manner that helps me sleep with myself each night, and fully respect that each person’s decisions need to reflect the path that each individual is on.  I judge no one and expect nor invite any judgment from others.


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