Let me paint you a picture. 

We are in D.C. We are a group of twelve. Two strollers, an eight year old, a nine year old, two over fifty, and two with physical disibilities. The nine year old is wearing a leash on her belt because she has autism, and she has such bad anxiety she becomes a flight risk. She also becomes non verbal and pretends she is a cat.
This is my oldest daughter. I love her dearly , and this is her story.

So we are walking up to the Museum of American History on the Smithsonian campus. There are people all around. And there is a guy walking  up and down the walkway next to us selling water and Gatorade. We walk past a little girl feeding crumbs to birds, and my daughter, who has been acting like a cat for months, chasing birds, meowing, licking her paws …well, you get the idea, she reaches out and grabs a bird in one swipe. SERIOUSLY! 

And what’s more, to true cat form she turned to me and said “MOM, Look, I Got it. Mission accomplished!” I thought maybe it was dead or something, there was no way she caught a live bird. I told her to put it down. Especially since it was upside down with its head sideways. But when she let go, it flew away. IT JUST FLEW AWAY!

Seriously y’all, my nine year old autistic daughter caught a bird today in D.C. because she thinks she is a cat. And guess what? After today, I believe her, she has some mad ninja skills man. I mean… er …uh… cat reflexes!



So a lighting bug decided to play chicken with my truck. It exploded and  left a glowing splotch on the windshield. This conversation followed.

Daughter one: just what I always wanted!

Me: a life just died today. How could you say that?

Daughter one: Mom, don’t think of it that way. Think of it as a kiss from heaven.

I love her so much!

Crossing the street

So we are trying to find a cross-walk when my sister says let’s just cross here. Daughter one (sounding super offended) exclaims, “That would be J walking.” Daughter two, matter of factly said, “and we all know that stand for Jerk walking.”

Oh Vey. I jusy might die, I’m laughing so hard.

Almost there…

So we are leaving to headed on a road trip tonight. I am rushing around going thru my last minute pre-pack stuff. I have three things left to do. I can handle three things without a list. Right!?!?!?

•put the things away in my hand

•smoke a cigarette

•grab the laundry out of the dryer

Walking out to the truck, I remembered I also needed to locate the cats and lock the trailer door.

I start to panic! That’s five things. I NEED A LIST. PRONTO!!! I grab my sister’s housemate, and start dictating the list to him hoping he can keep up. 

Well since I am making a list, I might as well add “make sure kids are in the truck when we pull out of the driveway.”
I will get there eventually.

Oh My Life…

Oh My Life…

How you ever seem to run away from me.  Oy Vey!!!

SO, I know that I gave assurances of a longer blog post about our time in Perryville, MO helping with the Tornado cleanup.  I am here to deliver on that warranty.  Now, I know what you are thinking, Wow, Ms. Snark, that was the longest week I have ever waited.  And you would be right.  About 6 weeks right.  I could give excuses about inspiration hitting for my book, or kids falling out of trees and breaking tailbones, or about how the military has us moving again.  But the G!d’s honest truth is this, I am just horrible with the deadlines that I set forth for myself ever since I got sick, and accepted my illness.  And ever since I accepted my illness and stopped fighting it, I have been a much happier person.  That is why I blog for no one but me.  At this point in time, at the writing of this particular post, and up until this point, I have never received any monetary gain from my blogs of any sort.  Truth be told, I can’t ever see that changing because I would stop blogging for my mental health and start blogging for someone else’s.  So for now anyways.  It is all me.  One hundred percent, unfiltered and raw, straight to you, without restraint, unfettered and unadulterated.  So get over it.

Okay, where was I?  Perryville,  Okay so It was great, the people were better, I really suggest getting your hands dirty the next disaster, it will really change your perspective on life.  Peace out all!

FC LaRose Studio 2017LaRose Studio 2017IMG_1413

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Perryville, MO

As fate would have it, as it often does, my children and I find ourselves here in Perryville, MO. It has been a whirl wind tour helping with the disaster relief clean up after the tornado that tore this community apart. 

Truly I have never been so blessed to be apart of such an event. I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it, and how I found myself in Missouri. Never in a million years would I have thought I would be here a week ago, and it really all started with a wind storm and a lost cat.

I came to serve this community, and instead they filled my heart to overflowing. I have never been so exhausted, happy, sad, and my heart so full.

I’ll be home Thursday. However, my weekend is packed.  I hope to have the whole story to you next week, complete with pictures and videos.

Until then, here are a couple pictures of the girls working hard.

Naomi with an armfull of debri…

This tree branch was about one hundred pounds or more. Gabriel drug it about one and a half football fields on her own. I couldn’t be more proud. They worked so hard this week.

Shalom for now friends!


So tonight my children and I called my husband to do prayers and Sh’ma with him. We started talking about homeschooling back in the good old days before we could just Google things. My husband mentioned how he had Yahoo. This was the conversation that followed:

Yoheved (8 years old): Wait! Yahoo? Who’s Yahoo?

Chava  (9 years old): Yoheved!!!! [Then she starts singing] Eliyahu. Eliyahu. Eliyahu. Hanavi.

Yoheved: Ooooh, it’s Elijah!

I laughed so hard I almost peed myself.
Kids hear things from a totally different perspective. But then add another language and it can be so comical sometimes.